Certification & Accreditation

System Certification and Accreditation (C&A) are important activities that support a risk management process and an integral part of an agency information security program.

Security Advisers has an in-depth and current knowledge of FISMA C&A processing for General Support Systems (GSS) and Major Applications (MA), we are practiced in the completion of C&A processing for difficult assets, or asset compositions. We are experienced in the correct establishment of both physical and logical boundaries, and in writing the necessary Information Security Agreements (ISAs) and Memos Of Understanding (MOUs) in defining those boundaries. Our specialized technical team is particularly adept at discovering undocumented assets in network infrastructure, originating control policies, and then applying the required technologies to support those policies. We can often demonstrate significant cost-savings for larger sites consisting of similar assets through enclaving or accrediting for type.

We have performed C&A work for some of the most critical infrastructure belonging to the federal government. We have successfully defended C&As produced for our clients during OIG audits and other examinations. Not happy with the high costs of your current C&A processing? Even after you spent all that money, your OIG is still not happy? Let us show you how our expertise can make the difference!

If you would like more information about Security Advisers' Certification & Accreditation processing, please email info@security-advisers.com or call us at 410-867-6329.

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