Continuity of Operations Planning

Continuity of Operations planning (COO) will include those interim measures required to recover IT functions and services following an emergency or disruption. IT systems are vulnerable to disruption from a variety of sources ranging from power outages, accident, flood, fire, natural disaster and terrorist actions.

Effective contingency planning, execution, and testing are essential COO plan components to restore system and service availability. Studies reveal that desk-top testing is almost useless in preparing for an actual emergency, and that proper COO testing requires at least three iterations to get it right! Most organizations have mission-critical IT systems in place. If you were to experience an emergency disruption, do you know who you would call? Do you have an emergency communications infrastructure identified and in use? Do your IT people know what to do? Do you know how long it would take to restore even basic system services? Do you know who would be responsible for that? These situations are best understood through live and repeated testing.

Security Advisers understands the COO planning process, especially for Critical or High value asset collections. We also understand the interrelationships between COO planning for multiple systems, testing requirements, reporting, and other regulatory documentation. We can provide a thorough review of your existing COO policy and planning process and develop, revise, and apply elements as necessary to maintain a viable COO program.

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