Information Assurance and the federal regulatory environment presents challenges that may seem insurmountable when compared to commercial enterprises. The stakes are high, resources are always scarce, and budgets must be won and defended. Security Advisers brings the most talented and creative minds together to solve the intensely complex issues presented in pursuit of compliance. Once achieved, our teams work diligently to maintain this status. Our field operatives are experts in IP behavior and have a deep understanding of Information Technology and its relationship to the constantly changing legislative landscape.

Executive branch agencies are subject to a considerable body of guidance and regulation, predominantly provided by NIST, OMB, Executive Order, FIPS, and statutes. Agency IT operations centers are tasked with provisioning safe, reliable IT environments. Just when the landscape seems to stabilize, auditors may appear from GAO or your own OIG. Security Advisers has become expert at guiding clients through the maze of auditor data requests. Building better security architectures to begin with, Security Advisers has a significant history of satisfying even the most stringent auditor findings.

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