Security Awareness Training

Make users part of your information security solution by training and certifying them. Security Advisers offers fully customized Security Awareness eLearning that will train your employees to detect and counteract security threats as they happen. By training every employee in your enterprise and utilizing our ongoing SAT products, you will transform your culture. Our Security Awareness eLearning course meets government and industry standards for security awareness and can quickly bring your enterprise into compliance.

Our approach to Security Awareness Training (SAT) separates your personnel structure into at least three different organizational elements: Executive managers, operations managers, and end-users. Each of these tiers of personnel will have different SAT requirements and training approaches. For example, it is often sufficient to provide computer-based training for end-users, but this is rarely appropriate as the sole SAT for executive managers.

Security Advisers will properly identify your SAT requirements. We provide role-based employee training as well as advanced training for management and IT professionals and we customize this training to reflect your policies, procedures and standards. Do your employees know what steganography is? Do you? Your SAT should cover this as a topic.

If you would like more information about Security Advisers' Security Awareness Training, please email or call us at 410-867-6329.

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