Penetration Testing

Security testing is a conclusive determination of whether a system is configured with appropriate and effective security controls and policies. When internal and external testing activities are made part of standard network administration, the discovery and mitigation of vulnerabilities becomes cost-effective.

Penetration testing, whether covert or overt, includes network scanning and vulnerability scanning activities to identify vulnerable hosts and services to be targeted for exploit attempts. Network scanning involves the use of a port scanner to discover all hosts connected to a network, and then identifying the network services and applications operating on those hosts. The result of the scan is a comprehensive list of all active hosts and services, printing devices, and routing (L3) and switching (L2) infrastructure operating in the scanned address space. Vulnerability scanning attempts to identify vulnerabilities in the hosts scanned, reveal out-of-date software versions, identify applicable patches or system upgrades, and validate compliance with an organizations security policy.

Security Advisers focuses on both identification and remediation of identified vulnerabilities. Our deliverables extend well beyond simple tool output, and include analyzed and interpreted results, scan documentation, and suggested remediation.

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