Security Lifecycle Management

The System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is the overall process of developing, implementing, maintaining, and retiring information system assets over the course of the asset lifetime. Various SDLC models have been developed to guide asset owners, and some methods work better than others for specific asset types.

Regardless of the type of life cycle used by an organization, information security must be integrated into the SDLC to ensure appropriate protection for the information that the system is intended to transmit, process, and store. Security is most useful and cost-effective when such integration begins with system development or project initiation, and is continued through system disposal.

Our Security Lifecycle Management programs will ensure that security is an integral part of any SDLC process. We can help you design your SDLC consistent with the requirements of the OMB Exhibit 300, and include all reporting, funding, and management considerations. Let us show you how to build your SDLC with the full menu of IT Security considerations!

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