Security Management

Today, society has an ever increasing reliance on information technology. The functioning of those technologies resides more and more in complex infrastructures, a myriad of applications, and interconnected networks. IT Security is more than ever a mission-essential function. Further, it is a function that must be managed and governed to reduce risks to operations and to ensure the ability to do business.

Today, an enterprise can ill-afford a security breach. The results of even a minor attack can delay operations, curtail the delivery of services, and cause a devastating loss of confidence in the enterprise and its mission. Financial losses can be significant, and often impact other components of the enterprise in a delayed rippling effect. Often, there is also the embarrassment factor which can cause further harm to the enterprise and its management.

Security Advisers Security Management Practice helps customers to develop practical solutions in aligning their business objectives within their regulatory environments. We assist clients in designing their compliance strategies while considering enterprise governance, funding availability, and personnel resources.

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