Security Program Development

The best offense is a good defense, and when it comes to information security, the best defense is a comprehensive and functional security program.

A carefully designed and implemented IT Security Program is essential to properly manage risk in the enterprise. Because of the increased intensity and varied forms of threats and vulnerabilities (and more importantly, the combinations of those threats and vulnerabilities), your Security Program must include many program elements. Some of those program elements should be a Continuity of Operations (COO) plan, how you report Security Incidents, how Security Awareness Training is achieved, and what kinds of behaviors are permitted by system users. Further, the extended IT environment has now grown to include clients, suppliers, out-sourced partners, stakeholders and joint ventures; all forming a complex and diverse matrix of operational, reputational and financial risk.

The Security Program becomes the foundational document for an organization and speaks to the comprehensive IT Security Risk Management for the enterprise. The SP will further assist to ensure the appropriate selection and implementation of security controls designed to help manage risk.

Security Advisers comprehensive Security Program includes at least twelve essential program elements. These program elements span managerial, operational, and technical security controls, and will be supportive of any compliance body or standard.

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